Are you looking for packaging for your noodle dishes? Noodles are indispensable in Asian cuisine. Just like pasta for the Italians and potatoes for the Dutch. Both in Asian restaurants, for delivery and takeaway, and at festivals and events. The great thing is that you will find the right packaging for all your noodle dishes in our range. Naturally made of cardboard with a PE coating so that your dishes arrive at the customer perfectly!

Not only noodles, but all Eastern meals are hot. Sometimes both literally and figuratively… Our noodle trays are suitable for packaging all your Eastern meals. How about babi pangang with noodles, hot chicken with cucumber salad, or Thai curry salad? We are already hungry! If you provide such a delicious Eastern meal, we will provide the noodle box as packaging.

  • Made from sustainable resources
  • 100% water and grease proof
  • Suitable for all noodle and rice dishes
  • Flaps are completely adjustable
  • Can be used to store and carry food
  • Microwaveable
  • Can be ordered with custom design, size, and color.


Material GC - KRAFT - CKB
Quality 230 - 310 gsm
2 - 26 PE
Print CMYK
  • Product Name NOODLE BOX 16 oz
    NOODLE BOX 26 oz
  • Dimensions 87x83x96 mm
    96x93x96 mm
  • Quantity Per Box 500
  • Box Dimensions 510x230x575 mm
    600x260x595 mm
  • Box Quantity On a Pallet 44
  • MOQ 50000 Pcs
    50000 Pcs

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