Food on the go – packaging for takeaway food, hospitality, events, and aviation

Transporting freshly prepared food, takeaway dishes, and hot drinks requires a whole new packaging skill set. They need to stay fresh and delicious. They need to keep their temperature, and they need to look nice, too. Thankfully, our packaging delivers. As a result, Europe Packaging is a trusted partner of the hospitality industry, catering businesses, aviation food services, events, and wholesalers.

We manufacture and supply a massive variety of food service packaging in bulk: takeaway boxes, food trays, coffee cups, lids, and wooden cutlery. All our products can be customized to fit your needs seamlessly. And we can supply any prints on-demand – our first-class printing techniques are perfect for advertising your products.

As we are all paying more attention to the planet's future, significant changes are happening in the food service industry. People are increasingly keen on avoiding plastic waste, and indeed, many countries are now banning single-use plastics. Fortunately, paper and cardboard are not just planet-friendly; they are also as versatile. When it comes to disposable foodservice packaging, sustainable solutions are the future. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.


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