Food on the go – packaging for catering, hospitality, events, and aviation

When it comes to disposable foodservice packaging, sustainable solutions are the future. Paper and cardboard are not just planet-friendly; they are also as versatile as they come. And keeping in mind current and future bans on single-use plastic, the industry increasingly shifts to greener solutions. We are delighted to be able to support our customers in this.

Europe Packaging is a trusted partner of the hospitality industry, catering businesses, aviation food services, events, and wholesalers. We manufacture and supply bulk quantities of various foodservice packaging: takeaway boxes for freshly prepared food, food trays that give a dish the presentation it deserves, and cups that ensure your coffee stays hot. Our packaging keeps salads crunchy, soup hot, lunches fresh, and dinners delicious.

This can be customized to fit you and your products’ needs seamlessly. And, of course, we do not forget the optics: our high-quality printing can really give your advertising and branding a push forward. Get in touch to find out more!



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