E-commerce solutions by Europe Packaging

Online shopping and e-commerce have entirely changed the way we buy and sell things and how they need to be packaged. We help e-commerce businesses create successful and good-looking packaging solutions, simple processes, and happy customers.

E-commerce businesses need to ensure their customers have a convenient, pleasant, and hassle-free experience. Many features can make their lives easier: tear-off strips for easy opening and unpacking. Adhesive strips to simplify returns and ensure packaging is reused—inside prints to bring joy (and enhance branding!).

And to optimize processes for the businesses, the packaging needs to be flexible, easy to assemble, quick to pack, and offer perfect protection to minimize the risk of damage in transit. In addition, it needs to stand out – colorful, high-quality prints, whether on the in- or outside of the box or bag, meaning successful branding.

We’d be delighted to discuss this with you – get in touch to talk us through your needs, and we’ll tell you more about what we offer. We’re happy to say that we also support smaller businesses and e-commerce start-ups. We offer low order quantities and custom financing options and ensure the production process is optimized, creating as little waste as possible and lowering production and shipping costs.

The e-commerce sector has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade. At Europe Packaging, we are proud to have grown with it, helping businesses adapt to new challenges and develop ingenious solutions to ever-changing demands.


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