Offset printed lamination on corrugated boxes means we can make perfectly protective product packaging while also looking beautiful.


Offset printing – Making your products shine

Offset print offers the highest possible printing quality and the most vibrant colors. The lamination process, in which an offset printed sheet is laminated onto the corrugation, allows for almost infinite unique design and branding options.

We are confident in our expertise: the process is one of our specializations. It’s been a fine line of the business ever since we started. And as we are among only a few factories in Europe that can do this, we are happy to say that we offer industry-leading products.

Needless to say, looks count in product packaging. Many purchase decisions are made on the spot, and the way a product is packaged is often the crucial factor. Design and branding can bring across a lot of information and appeal. In order to make your product stand out, we offer additional finishing techniques, including varnishing and spot-varnishing to create glossy highlights, embossing, hot stamping, and cellophane coating to protect delicate products from sunlight.

We would love to tell you more about what we can do for your products – contact us!


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