Secondary packaging: all you need to ship your product

At Europe Packaging, we manufacture or supply all that’s needed for successfully and securely packaging and shipping a wide range of products—taking into account the varying demands of different industries and products: from Kraft tape that’s perfect for lighter shipments to labels with special adhesives that can withstand oil and hot temperatures.

Most secondary packaging can be branded and customized. 



We manufacture standard as well as specialist self-adhesive labels, which are indispensable in a range of industries. And in some, such as the automotive industry, they must be able to cope with harsh chemical environments and need to have high temperature and chemical resistance. PET/PE films and engineered adhesives are usually preferred for applications of this kind.

Europe Packaging also has unique labeling solutions for tires and lubricant or oil cans; for the latter, our adhesives perform exceptionally well in the hot filling processes.



Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications. Europe Packaging supplies clear, brown, and custom-printed polypropylene tape as well as Kraft duct tapes. These tapes are available in three grades of adhesive: solvent (solvent rubber) – the universal type with excellent resistance against high and low temperatures – acrylic, which is ecological and ideal for long-term storage; and hot melt, an easy-rolling tape that performs well at room temperature.


Supplementary products

Supplementary products supplied by Europe Packaging include VCI papers and bags, stretch films, strappings, and angle boards.


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